Patrick deWitt is an award-winning author who has written 4 best-selling novels. His novel The Sisters Brothers has been turned into a film starring Joaquin Phoenix and John C Reilly, in cinemas September 21.

This is not his site.

I have not made any films.
I have not written any award-winning books.
Over the past five years, I have written one very unpublished novel, which the world has met largely with indifference.

If you want to do something that is singularly unrewarding, write a novel.

Anyway, Patrick deWitt wasn’t using this site, so rather than waste your time with a blank page, I thought I would join you here and we could share a moment and you could read the first chapter of my book - capice?

The novel is called In God’s Silence, Them Devils Sang.
It’s an acid western, yep, that’s a real genre.
And if you don’t like the title, you’re really gonna hate the novel.

PS. Mr deWitt, If you want the site back, just let me know. I’m not trying to blackmail you, your producers, the publishing house or your literary agent. I just want y’all to read my manuscript.

Oh fuck, I just realized that’s the dictionary definition of blackmail. Sorry, I guess I just meant I don’t really give a fuck about money.