5. The Angel and the Fall.

Where the mountain greets the sea, the body falls from the sky.  
The waves surge around her, through her. The sensation is unusual.
Then from within her a burning, a panic, a panic a panic panic panic.
She inhales ocean. She claws through the waves and her limbs crash harsh against the shore. The water boils, her flesh red-hot from her descent. Her muscles lack strength, she is a foal, caught in a new atmosphere. She comes from the ocean, albatross wings draped down her back, like a rotting coat. She lies fetal in the low tide.
Her skin pale, translucent. Around her, the sand has fused to glass.
She rises. Her torso is without indentation, stomach unflawed by navel.  Her chest is flat and hairless. She knows she is different.
She ruffles filthy wings. As the wings unfurl, she sees them for what they have become. On the harsh coast, they seem ridiculous and opulent.
She wraps her broken wings around her.
Eternity is quite a time to kill. Time coils. Not like rope? No, like a snake.
Time is warped, no beginning or end - how could there be - but things ain't clear. 
She slithers to the small town nestled into the coast and she finds a small graveyard. Soon dawn will strike the sea, shattering the calm into broken mirror, blistering her moonlight skin.
The beast claws at the ground, rubbing fingers to bone in the cold, cold dirt. The coffin is rooted hard in the dust to dust. She jerks the pine box free. She strips the corpse and picks at the bones.
A few hours later, the sun gathers people around the hatched grave.
If the sobbing villagers had not been wracked with remourning, they might have looked up and seen her, crouched and huddled, nesting in the ragged crook of the tree, wrapped in the deceased clothes.
But if they had looked up, caught in the mourning light, perhaps a vulture is all they would have seen. Waiting to pick off, whatever the world left to decay.

And so ends Chapter 1.
There’s 15 more chapters and 75,000 words before you get rewarded with a ‘The End’.
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